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By Prof. Joseph Mba

The ultimate, but highly neglected or partially recognized phase in the strategic planning process is implementation planning. Where it is remembered and included, we have seen then to be in form of schedule of activities, policies of procedural manual and budgets. These are the best we have seen among our clients and many books.
The Implementation Planning Envelope is the outcome of Six years of both conceptual and field research. It started in 2004, when I first presented my thought in strategy implantation, under the Institute of Strategic Management, Nigeria. An attempt to develop a Strategic Planning Process that is comprehensive, integrated, dynamic and implementable by all types and ages of organizations. The implementation planning envelop completes the planning process and provides a strong bridge for effective execution of strategic plans.

The argument of this presentation is that, while there are other planning and implementation issues that cause the failure of implementation by organizations, the main cause is the gap created by the absence of or poor implementation planning in the equation of strategic planning and implementation.