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Certified Top Strategic Manager (CTSM)

Top executives and board challenges have become matters of great concerns to both corporate executives and scholars. The modules at this level are designed to build professionals who are well equipped to practice as top corporate executives, independent consultants and research scholars.


The main aim of the CTSM programme at SBS is to provide a thorough training in a specialized strategic management area, through supervised study and assignment based coursework as well as original investigations culminating in the preparation of the thesis. Moreover, the programmes are specially designed to meet the learning needs of working professionals for whom work time and geographic locations might constrain their ability to undertake the campus based courses.

A. Specialization Objectives

  • To expand the candidates learning by offering an advanced programme of study in strategic issues, theory and practice in their chosen field of study.
  • To promote strategic thinking and decision making in complex, multidisciplinary dimensions of strategic management.
  • To instill global and multidisciplinary perspective and approaches to challenges in their chosen field of study.

B. Research Objectives

  • To develop the candidates proficiency in advanced research methodology and analytic skills.
  • To develop the candidate's capability in initiating, conducting, evaluating and directing research.
  • To assist candidates in submission of scholarly works that are relevant to strategic issues in their field of study.


To qualify for the award of CTSM, a candidate must:

  • Meet the general requirements stipulated by SBS.
  • Present Seminar papers in each module under your specialization.
  • Obtain an average Score of 60% from the core and elective courses.
  • Attend Mandatory Seminars and Complete related Assignments.
  • Write and successfully defend the CTSM Thesis.
  • Candidate with SSMP from Strategic Business School would be required to write two publishable term papers and a seminar paper on the core courses.
  • Candidates with CSSM from Strategic Business School, who wish to continue in the same area of specialization, would only be required to write two publishable term-papers and a seminar paper on each areas of their specialization.
  • Candidates with CSSM from Strategic Business School, who wish to specialize in a different area, would be required to do class works in addition to writing two publishable term-papers and a seminar paper in each area of their specialization.
  • Candidates with a Masters Degree from another recognized institution must do rigorous class works in all the 8 core courses, and in addition to write two publishable term-papers and a seminar paper in their areas of specialization.
  • In all a candidate must obtain an average score of 60, with a successful defense of his CTSM Thesis.


  • Learning is by both part-time and distance learning modes with high degree of assignments in case studies, field study and research.
  • The minimum duration is 2 years and a maximum of five years after which the course is deemed to have lapsed.


Each student is required to present a seminar paper in each of the module under his specialization before fellow students and faculty members.


This is the SBS Business and Corporate Champions' Quarterly Seminar\Workshop. Each student is expected to attend at least four of this workshop during the period of his study. Each attendance attracts 25% marks.