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Individual Executive Coaching

High performance as a corporate leader requires that the leader develop effective capabilities as well as the competencies for excellent corporate leadership and governance. Therefore, our top executive induction/coaching are aimed at helping top executives improve their personal and team effectiveness, reduce executive stress and continually improve their performance. It is very valuable to national performers who desires to achieve global stardom and for directors and other top executives who have the potentials for corporate stardom but are hindered by lack of competencies and other personal or organizational factors from performing to expectations.

There are so many benefits of undergoing executives coaching and counseling sessions.

  • It helps the executive identify and develop inner potentials, resources and competencies.
  • It challenges wrong beliefs and personal value systems and causes fundamental shifts that create positive personal momentum.
  • It attacks negative outdated knowledge and negative attitudes and impacts current knowledge, positive skills and attitudes that transform behaviours positively.
  • It helps the leader examine his skills kit and identify the competencies he needs to excel in corporate leadership.
  • Coaching helps the executive to focus on growth areas, think-through problems and have clarity and well-ordered priorities.
  • It promotes proper alignment and healthy balance between personal direction and strategies and those of the organization.

Executive Coaching is one-on-one programme; therefore, it is a confidential relationship between the executive and the coach. The coach has no internal links with the organization and so can be trusted with confidential and sensitive information. They play the roles of counselor, creator, confidant, competence, developer, supporter and mentor.

The coaching programme includes the following elements: briefing meeting, critical decisions meetings, executive analysis and coaching sessions and outcome evaluation.

By special request, coaching is also made to a team of top executives from the same organization. This is a course approach to coaching which provides generic solutions. The duration and fees of generic coaching are usually determined by competence profiles of the executives, the identified personal and organizational challenges and the number of participants.