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Strategic Planning Facilitation

SBS recognizes that the success of any organization is fundamentally dependent on its top executives and directors. Therefore, Strategic Business School additionally offers specific solutions to the challenges facing top management, one of which is how to strategically plan organization change.

Strategic Planning Partnership - Here, we help directors and other top executives of organizations to organize strategic planning retreats, train them on strategic planning skills and processes, support their strategic planning sessions, identify strategic success factors, craft properly aligned strategies and document the strategic planning outcome. If requested by our clients, we also play significant roles in ensuring effective implantation and implementation of the developed strategy by producing organization manuals and monitoring execution over an agreed period.


Strategic Business School through its strategic synergy group (SSG) and other networking machineries has developed a classified database of the best, the broadest and the brightest candidates. They are interviewed and selected on zero-job-specific basis and subsequently recommended to requesting clients on job-of-best-fit. This strategic staffing approach is not only very effective, it is also every efficient as it eliminates the errors and deceptions associated with job specific recruitments. We also undertake open Top Executive Hunting and Recruitment Agency work for organizations.


This is a unique strategic change competencies and approach that enable the executives and directors understand their organizations competitive and strategic environments, and the characteristics and impact of these changes on the organization. Our strategic audit consulting also analyses the organizational strengths and weaknesses on criteria pioneered by Strategic Business School. These insights make our strategic change and performance improvement competencies and approaches superior.

Therefore, whatever your change and performance improvement needs and objectives, we are your best reference and partner.