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Tailored Training & Development Solutions

SBS's tailored training programmes are developed at the request of individual clients and are planned, designed and executed to meet their specific training challenges, needs and objectives.

Many organizations, after sending individual participants to our open programmes, subsequently request to have these events run inside their organizations or in a study tour, either at our Centre or at other suitable learning locations. These courses are then modified to focus on issues of most direct relevance to the organization. The range of programmes which can be organized in this way parallels the full spectrum of the themes which already exist or can be developed from the main portfolio of our core and secondary competencies, strategic management process, strategic change management, strategic leadership, strategic entrepreneurship and governance.


Tailored training and development solutions represent excellent value for the organization and its people.

  • All training programmes are directly relevant to the present and potential challenges and needs of the organization.
  • All tailored training programmes are driven by the notion of optimum cost benefits and therefore achieve significant cost savings to the client.
  • The Centre applies systematic training methodology that integrates the exact individual needs of the participants and the corporate needs of the organization.
  • Our team simulation and group discussion also encourage improved team working in an environment that is far removed from the pressures and distractions of the office.
  • All programmes are action-oriented and are immediately transferred to real work requirements through the development of specific action plans for the practical implementation of each learning experience.

When is Tailored Training Ideal

Our tailored training would be the ideal solution to your training needs, especially if you require:
Group or Team Training

  • Training for ten(10) or more executives at the same time
  • A training solution designed exclusively for your organization
  • Additional training for specific topics to deepen understanding and skills in those areas.
  • Your organization's top executives to set strategic direction or undertake a strategic planning session, making it beneficial for them to be trained together.
  • Your organization managers to implement a programme of strategic change or to work together on a strategic programme, making it necessary for them to be trained together.
  • Executive directors and senior managers to improve their knowledge acquire new skills and get exposed in the current best practices in specific areas in strategic management, strategic leadership, strategic entrepreneurship and corporate governance.
  • Re-engineering the organization's processes and structures in order to make it more flexible and responsive to change.
  • The development of strategic programmes aimed at building competitive advantage and achieving dramatic improvement in your strategic scorecard.

Tailored Executive Training is Your Best Option

Our clients testify, and we are witnesses to them, that when we partner with them in tailored strategic solutions, they achieve dramatically improved performance in financial and strategic areas such as financial growth, customer satisfaction, market growth, internal business processes, human capital development, organizational learning and innovation, corporate culture and value delivery capabilities.

When facing new managerial and leadership responsibilities, an executive must necessarily acquire an effective understanding of the principles and processes of these roles. Each executive in his or her own area of responsibilities has an obligation to acquire competencies in management, leadership and even entrepreneurship.

In today's economy, human capital development and business technology development are the most strategic investments. Therefore, building the executive should occupy top priority in every strategic decision-making and planning.

Our tailored training enable the staffs realize their full management, leadership and entrepreneurship potentials, and create commitments that achieves organizational success. It also enables the executives and organization to gain insight into each focus on strategic issues for sustainable success.