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Tailored Strategy Consulting Solutions

Unique Challenges

This is certainly our best reference. Stemming from our collaboration with a wide spectrum of organizations and industries, and our commitment to innovative research, we have gained detailed perspectives of the strategic challenges facing them. Consequently, we have progressively built competencies in Strategic Management and evolved strategic solutions that build total, high performing people and organizations.

Every organizational challenge is unique and each requires a specifically tailored response. Therefore, rarely will a problem be solved with unilateral strategy or development action. Moreover, business today is the sum of complex, interlocking and inter-dependent relationships, having collapsing hierarchies, cross-functional activities and integrated systems.

Therefore, we do not exclusively address single levels or stand alone problems, unless this is the brief we are specifically requested to address. Rather, based on our experience in the implementation of client's projects, we believe that strategic issues must be resolved on a number of different fronts to ensure that necessary change is comprehensively implemented, to maximize strategic advantage and achieve sustained performance. Therefore, we adopt a holistic and integrated approach to providing solutions to organizational challenges.

Tailored Solutions

SBS major tailored solution include, but not limited to:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Change and Performance Improvement

Our approach to tailored solutions ensures that:

  • We listen to you and understand your challenges, needs and objectives.
  • You are involved in every phase of the design, planning and implementation process.
  • We apply cutting edge, state-of-the-art-materials, tools, techniques and appropriate practices.
  • You receive the highest quality service within your designated budget.
  • Each Solution Team (ST) assigned to your project consists of persons of multiple and well-integrated competencies, and track record of success in addressing your identified challenge.
  • We implant and impart the knowledge, skills and attitudes on your management or corporate strategy department to internally monitor and control sustenance.
  • We make regular post implementation visits to evaluate success levels and provide momentum that carriers the organization to its desired destination.


Our Tailored Strategic Training and Solutions cover the following areas:

  • Strategic Planning Facilitation
  • Strategic Business Analysis, Auditing and Futurology
  • Corporate Change and Performance Improvement
  • SME Development and Support
  • Strategic Staffing/Top Executive Head hunting
  • Strategic Staffing and Human Capital Development
  • Corporate Capability and Culture Management
  • Strategic Leadership Solutions
  • Business and Corporate Governance Solutions
  • Managing and Leading Strategic Projects and Teams